Clinic Guidelines


Our services are are not for indoor or pet cats.  Please visit


This is a humane box trap. Cats must come in one of these!


via online Reservation “Clinic Reservation Request Form”

Berks County Residents: 5 cat limit

Other Counties: 2 cat limit



  • See “Trapping Tips” for information about trapping feral cats.
  • Kittens can be fixed safely as young as eight weeks (or 2 lbs); however, it is recommended that they are 3 months old so they may legally receive a Rabies vaccination.  It is recommended that kittens be fixed by four months to avoid heat cycles and unwanted pregnancies since kittens can become pregnant as early as four months old.  See Fix at 4 for more information.
  • Please Read Fairchild Spay/Neuter Assistance Agreement
  • Secure a Humane Box Trap, a Trap Cover and Hard Plastic Pet Carrier for EACH Cat.  LABEL ALL YOUR SUPPLIES.


  • ALL CATS MUST BE ADMITTED IN HUMANE BOX TRAPS for the Safety of Our Volunteers and the cats!  We will NO longer accept cats in carriers,  and we have the right to turn clients away in order to protect the welfare of our volunteers.
  • If you have trapped 2 cats in the same cage, do not attempt to remove one.
  • You must also bring a hard plastic pet CARRIER with TWO large TOWELS (bath/beach size) or fleece blankets inside the carrier for recovery & discharge for EACH cat.  We do not put the cats back in the traps after surgery!   Please make sure your carrier is secure!!
  • LABEL EVERYTHING!  Write Your LAST NAME (or colony name) AND Cat’s Name on masking/duct tape and affix it to the trap, trap cover, carrier and towels.  THE NAMES MUST MATCH THE INFORMATION YOU SUPPLY ON THE CLINIC FORM!
  • Admission by Designated Appointment Time –  at the BACK of The Vet on Main, 330 West Main Street, Route 724, Birdsboro, PA 19508.
  • You will be required to complete paperwork at admission.  Make sure to give a phone number where you can be reached at any time during the day in case of an emergency.    Please return at your designated pick up time. 
  • To keep track of your colony it is recommended to take a picture of each cat you have trapped…. you may also attach a picture of the cat to the trap & carrier for easy identification.


  • ALL CATS ARE TESTED FOR FELINE LEUKEMIA & AIDS AFTER SEDATION.  If the cat should test positive and the cat does not have a 100% INDOOR HOME, the cat will be humanely euthanized to stop the spread of the infectious disease to the rest of the colony.
  • Each cat is sterilized.  Females will have PURPLE INK placed in their spay incision.
  • ALL CATS will have their LEFT EAR TIPPED for Identification as an Outdoor Cat and his or her NAME tattooed in purple ink the RIGHT ear.   EAR TIPS ARE REQUIRED!
  • Each Cat receives Rabies AND Distemper Vaccines as well as a Pain Medication Injection, Antibiotic Injection AND a Flea/Deworming Treatment with Revolution.
  • Donation:  $35 for each cat – Cash (Exact Change) or Check Only.  Please make checks payable to the Fairchild Foundation. (note: legally this is not tax deductible as the service you are receiving costs far more than the donation).  $10 SPECIAL FOR 2017 – LIMIT 5 CATS FOR BERKS COUNTY RESIDENTS – 2 CATS FOR OTHER COUNTIES


  • Pick up your cat at your designated pick up time (usually between 11am-2pm).  If you are traveling from afar please be advised that clinics are usually done by 3pm so please make sure to head back early so the volunteers don’t have to wait an hour for you to drive back to pick up your cats.  When picking up your kitty, please check the carrier before leaving the clinic to insure you have the right cat. Also, remember to take your equipment with you.  If you are returning Loaned Equipment, please let a Fairchild Volunteer know so we can document it to avoid you being charged for lost equipment.
  • Keep your cat in the carrier overnight in a quiet, dark location and keep the carrier covered–Release the next morning when fully recovered from anesthesia.  You may offer the cat food and water 3 hours after surgery, however, many times they are too stressed to eat.
    • RESCUE REMEDY is a flower essence that may be added to the water to help calm down the cats (available at GNC and health food stores).
    • FELIWAY (Comfort Zone) is a pheromone spray that may be sprayed on the towels to also help reduce stress (available at PetSmart, PetCo, etc).
  • If you have any problems with your cat after surgery, please e-mail Dr. Fry @